4 years old

  1. gummygyeom

    Guinea pigs back legs sorta dragging ?

    My parents are avoiding going to the vet but if necessary we will go. My guinea pig is about 4 years old and is very calm as opposed to his brother and dad whom are always running around. I'd been noticing he had been a little lazy lately but not enough to worry. When i went to check on them I...
  2. piggie.slave

    Older and baby boar bonding

    Hi all, My older guineapig Fudge passed away around a month ago at the age of 4 leaving my other guineapig (Rolo) on his own. I am now currently sitting on the floor watching Rolo and the new baby (whose yet to have a name) run around the pen, humping each other teeth chattering etc, and it’s...