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  1. Livvysquish

    Prawn crackers and plastic bags ((advice!))

    Hello! So, for context. My herd of 10 girls are allowed free roam of my entire apartment, everywhere is guinea pigs proofed. My bf accidentally left our Chinese takeaway left overs in a pile on the floor before we went to bed. I woke up and prawn crackers where spread across the room, nibbled...
  2. S

    Accidentally kicked my guinea pig :(

    The kick was more of a forceful push, as I was getting up to get him and his brother some food (he got caught in my foot’s crossfire). He’s not fully grown yet, but he seems okay for the most part (no problems running around, wheeking, eating, etc.) I saw him breathing a little heavily, which...
  3. C

    Possible Pain/Illness?

    Hi, I've posted here before and I really enjoy this forum. I came back here for advice on my piggy, Fred. Last night, him and his cage mate were begging for food like always. Fred likes to grind his teeth against the cage. I sometimes do this thing where I poke my fingers/toes in the cage to...
  4. Xmolxlie

    Guinea pig jumping out of arms

    Hi, I have two new baby Guinea pigs (the lady i adopted them from said she believed they were 10-12 weeks old) that I’m currently going through the bonding process with to bond them with my recently bereaved older piggy. After today’s bonding session I had moved the babies temporary cage onto...
  5. Sporgan

    Unexpected Death Of A Young Boar, Do I Need To Get Another Playmate For His Brother?

    Over the weekend a tragic accident resulted in the very tough decision to have one of my fur babies put to sleep to end his suffering. The whole day was very emotional, unusual and difficult for me but also for my other guinea pig - his brother and cage mate of 2 years. I have been monitoring...
  6. brambles2016

    My Piggy Nibbled My Shortbread Biscuit!

    Hello! I'm making this post out of concern of one of my piggies! I had my pigs out and were letting them eat some lettuce and have a quick run around my bed, however I didn't notice at the end of my bed on a table I had a shortbread biscuit and I moved my eyes away from pumpkin for 30 secs, look...
  7. Piggiekisses

    Please Help Asap

    Hi, my piggy had something fall on his face, or maybe I accidentally stepped on his face area. Either way, he can't eat right now and there's no vet until the morning. what should I do in the meantime? I don't own critical care but maybe I can make something like that.
  8. S

    Limping Pig?

    Earlier today I was grooming my 4 year old female Guinea pig,Sunny, on their normal grooming table when she jumped off. The table is only about not even two feet above the ground. She didn't land too hard, but she did land on laminate tile. When she fell she didn't wheej or squeal in distress. I...