adding new guinea pig

  1. hannahs26

    Adding a neut'd boar to pair of females?

    We are relatively new GP owners, having adopted 2 beautiful girls from our local rescue center nearly 6 months ago. We love them dearly, and they have become friendly and loving to us, with lots of cuddles and lap time each day. I've seen that another rescue center near us has got a neutered...
  2. amber89

    Getting an almost adult female into a group with a teenager female

    Hello all, Our beloved Muffin, an adult female guinea pig, sadly died on Wednesday. We still have at home an adult neutered boar (Pufu) and a female baby, close to be a teenager (Cupcake - she will be 4 months on the 10th of May). The cage seems to empty with only two piggies and we, the...
  3. Elgifu321

    Need A New Cage Mate For My Bereaved Piggie

    my piggie Rupert has been on his own almost a week now and his behaviour has changed- he's hiding more and not moving around etc. I've been giving him extra cuddles but I know it doesn't make up for piggie company. I was looking for rescues near me and found cavy haven and made an appointment...
  4. Sach15

    Adding A Third?

    Hiya Me and my mum rescue all our animals, only time we've had anything from babies is our kittens which were neglected and was given to us for free! Anyway, so we took in a female Guinea pig in February and she was alone for a month until we decided to get her a friend (we were worried because...
  5. PeanutandGus

    Adopting More..

    So I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the moment.. I currently have two beautiful boys who I adore- they are 5 months old and live in the kitchen :nod: On my last few visits to pets at home for supplies for the piggies there have been two boys in the adoption section who are super cute. Now...
  6. Rachel_28491

    New Guinea Pig Owner

    Hello! I am new to this site and am in hope that someone will be able to answer a few questions about my New Guinea pig My friend was going to Australia and needed someone to look after her pig for a year. I volunteered not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I extended his cage...