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  1. Gymypig

    Aggressive guinea pig with new pigs

    Hello all! Last year I adopted 3 guinea pigs that I absolutely loved, so I decided to get two more. I isolated the New Guinea pigs in a cage right next to the other 3 for about two weeks then introduced them to my other 3 pigs. Unfortunately it didn’t go well. Lillie, my most dominate old pig...
  2. PirateZelda

    Cage Size Advice

    Hi all, My boyfriend and I are DIYing a new cage for our babies. Originally it was going to be super long so our two boys had loads of run space, but as many of you will know I posted about having to separate our boys. They're now booked in to be neutered in two weeks' time and the new aim is...
  3. guineabee

    Gaining Our New Pups' Trust - Did We Mess It Up?!

    My husband and I are guinea pig parents for the first time! We bought 2 4-month old girls 3 days ago. We got them from Petsmart and they are not used to human contact really at all (from what the employee told us). The night we bought them we put them in their cage and left them alone all night...