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  1. G

    Rehome or add new pig?

    Hello everyone :) I am looking for some advice or suggestions for a bit of a dilemma I'm having. Unfortunately, I lost one of my piggies last night. She was old and had been unwell for quite some time so although you never want to find your pets passed away, I have already made peace with it...
  2. V

    Adopt Or Buy?and I

    Hello :) After a couple of months of research I've decided that I would love to get 2 guinea pigs. As I have never had a guinea pig before would I be better adopting or buying? Obviously I would rather adopt but would I be able to adopt as I've had no experience looking after pigs and I'm...
  3. Stewybus

    Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue - New Facebook Adoption Group

    I'm pleased to announce that Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue have a new Facebook Adoption page where our guinea pigs available can be easily found by type ie Male Pairs, Female Pairs, Wife & Husboar Pairs, Solo Females, Neutered Solo Males, Unneutered Solo Males. To find what you're looking for...