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  1. BenjiAndButtons

    Little Barney's Friendship Quest Continues

    Barney has met Benji a few more times since my orginal post, and he had started to back down and Benji showed his dominance. We moves his cage into Benji's room so they can hear each other, and were really feeling positive untill today: I had them both on me, and it looked as if Barney was...
  2. violetgirl

    Adequate Set Up?

    I just adopted a new 4 year old guinea pig named Violet and I'm wondering if the basic set up that she came with is enough. There is a small loft with a ramp on one side. There is a food bowl and water bowl attached to the wall of the cage at the height of the ramp so that she has to climb onto...
  3. Kirstin

    Three Males, Possible Bullying, Fighting, Please Help!

    I own three male guinea-pigs consisting of two brothers and a half-brother. I've had them for over a year now, and they're around 12 - 13 months old. These guys have got on pretty well without any arguing or squabbles, but suddenly, out of nowhere, the half-brother has randomly turned on one of...