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  1. Aunty4Cavy

    Boar Penis - including picture. Insight needed.

    My friend has a Cavy Boar whose penis is enlarged and protruding. She called worried she might have to put him down... I'm Googling like mad for her and have found smegma buildup, prolapse, impaction, and infection as potential culprits. I have sent her videos to diagnose impaction and treat...
  2. StevieWanda

    My guinea pigs don’t seem to be eating as much due to heat

    With the heatwave in the UK, I’ve been really worried about my pigs. i made sure to take them out last night into the garden when it started getting cool and they had quite a lot of grass. However, I gave them their usual portion of salad before bed and when I woke up this morning, it’s all...
  3. Wheeky_pigs

    Growing Vegas for the pigs

    I started growing some veg this year for my piggies (I have 20 so they go through ALOT of veg every day). This is my first year and so far have had a bit of success with lettuce, kale and cabbage. I’ve got tomatoes, carrots, runner beans, cucumbers, and peppers will waiting to grow and flower...
  4. thethreeboars

    Cleaning a boars penis

    Hi! So my boy is now 8 and I have never even thought to clean his willy! It’s now swollen and looking uncomfortable and j was hoping for some advice on how is best to clean it or if I’m best going to the vets?
  5. 4harmony2

    Wasting Disease

    One of my rescue guinea-pigs has developed wasting disease ,she has lost so much wait in the last 6 mths ,She drinks excessive amounts of water & alot of her hair has thinned (i did treat her for skin disease's for her hair loss but it seems to be Alopecia .Last week her back legs became...
  6. PiggieNinja

    Too Much Space? Not Enough Space? Shed Advise Needed!

    ok. so. (please bare with me) I'm getting a shed for my piggies (8x6 ) and i was planning on giving them access to the entire shed floor plus an 'L' shaped shelf which will go along two of the sides (connected via ramp) but i just wondered if it is worth it? now dont get me wrong I LOVE MY...