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  1. Pearl and Zip

    Ages In Human Years

    I wasn’t sure what category to put this in... anyways, I have two four year old pigs (shown in profile picture). One website says they are 100 in human years. Another says they are 60. How old are they in human years?
  2. cinn&sugarmybbs

    How Old Is Your Guinea Pig!

    Hi, I am wondering how old everyone's guinea pigs are. Also if you have one that passed away what age did they live to. I read online they usually live 4-8 years so I wanted to see how truthful that is!
  3. G

    Guinea Pig Died, New Friend For His Brother?

    at the end of christmas break one of my guinea pigs suddenly died :( its taken a few weeks for me to process and move past it but I'm mostly okay now. my guinea pig is named haytham (like the assassin’s creed character!) and he and his brother have been together for all their lives (3 years!)...
  4. Chancey

    Oxbow Pellets

    Hi there! I was wondering if it's possible to give the adult pellets to those younger than six months? Or if I had to feed them the young ones? I have five piggies (a group of three and a pair) that I hope to introduce soon. The group of three are almost 4 months - though they were unsure of...