agressive behaviour change

  1. Veggiepiggies

    Sudden change in behaviour... ptsd?

    Hi I’m quite new to this but I needed some advice on my guinea pigs. So bit of a backstory, I had two pigs but one sadly passed away, and a few months after I got another baby one. This baby one (now nearly 1) and my older (about 3 and a half) used to get on really well, until last week. Loca...
  2. M

    Difficult Guinea Pig

    Hey all! I got my first guinea pig last year. When i first got her she was super sweet and didn’t seem to have a problem (she was also just itty bitty). Now moving more closer to her 1st birthday she can’t stand to be handled.. bites (where blood is drawn) and just overall hates me or my...
  3. s.haller16

    Guinea pig bullying? What should i do?

    Hi I have six guinea pigs, in one cage i have three boars that actually get along fantastic and have no problems whatsoever, but in my other cage I have two girls and one male. The two girls, being a mother (Minnie) and daughter (Riley), and the male being the baby daddy (Teddy). Over the past...
  4. Svmmertim3

    Aggressive boars that have already bonded?

    Hi there! My five month old boar, Poseidon, has recently started fighting with my fifteen month old boar, Orion, and I’m absolutely perplexed as to why. They’ve been bonded since Poseidon was just a pup, and I’ve never had any problems with them being violent with each other. I’ve recently...
  5. P

    Behaviour Change in Older Pig Since New Pig? Aggressive

    Hi there. I currently have two guinea pigs, Meatball (aged 1 and a half years) and Popcorn (aged 2 and a half months). I’ve had Meatball since she was 6 weeks old, she was on her own until recently (about a month ago) I got Popcorn. Meatball and I had a really strong bond. She wouldn’t run when...