angry guinea pig

  1. S

    Need to cut boars’ nails but he won’t let me pick him up

    Hello! I have a boat that is 1 year old, and I just recently bought him and his brother. And today we tried to cut their nails for the first time but the boar in question (Holmfast) do not let me pick him up. He seems very mad and jumps around so that I cannot catch him at all. When I did he...
  2. F

    One of my guinea pigs is extremely mad at partner

    I have two female guinea pigs and Waffle, one of them has been very mad at my other pig, lava for around a month. There are no bites or anything but waffle rumble struts at lava even when they aren't close together. Waffle rumble struts ever 5 to 10 minutes sometimes for no apparent reason...
  3. imnot_ordinary

    My usually calm guinea pig is biting, headbutting and teeth chattering at me? Help

    7 days ago I got my first pair of guinea pigs! They're two boys and are about 7 weeks old now, though I'm fairly sure that one is older than the other since he's a little fatter and longer. Everything was fine for the first 5 days. We started with cuddling for 5 minutes and gradually got...