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  1. B

    Anorexic guinea pig having trouble pooping

    Hi all, this is my first post but I’m at my wits end. About 2 weeks ago my boy Boomer lost interest in his hay out of nowhere, became lethargic, and is hiding much more than normal. He has lost a significant amount of weight, so much so his spine and hip bones are visible. I was able to get him...
  2. M

    Guinea Pig Teeth and Illness

    My GP is currently not eating or drinking on her own. She will eat her lettuce and some veggies but not hay, pellets or vit C tablets. I am syringe feeding her critical care and water. Background: Took her in about a month ago for possible luce but vet did not see any nor saw any mites with a...
  3. Kirstie-A

    Dental Help for sow with post-dental anorexia and gagging

    Hello, I have a 3 and a half year old sow who has had problems with maloccluded teeth over the past year. She has been having regular dentals and takes some ongoing pain relief for root elongation. Things were going well until about 3 weeks ago when she suddenly stopped eating. She had a...
  4. M

    Dental My 4 year 10 month old American breed guniea pig is not eating due to teeth sore problem. Request advice for more information.

    My guinea pig Mickey is sick for a week. He is a 4 years 10 months old American breed boy. He was not eating (anorexia) for two days. Then we visited vet. She checked his heart beat and lungs, they are functioning OK. But he has gum redness/soreness and felt pain on putting some pressure on...
  5. C

    Guinea Pig Refuses To Eat Or Drink

    Hi everyone! I have a 3 year old guinea pig named Betty who won’t eat. She has always been a picky eater, but she always ate enough hay, pellets and drank water. Recently, she has stopped eating hay and drinking, as well as eating any fruits or vegetables. She is so picky she will eat something...
  6. threelittlebubs

    Could I Get Some Help With Critical Care Dosage?

    My girl has been getting CC for 2 days plus water to top her off. She is eating and drinking but not enough, her poop is still somewhat dry and her urine is dark. She will eat leafy veg and cucumber but not much luck with anything else. I've been giving her 3-5 ml every 3 hours today, and I'm...
  7. Nikolapalak

    Urgent-teeth, Uri, And Hand Feeding

    Hi everyone, I've got a piggy that's just over 4 years old now. a couple of days ago he had a surgery done under anaesthetic. That was for his teeth. I don't know why but since the surgery he has not been eating at all and he lost almost a pound in the last 2 months. I've been trying to force...
  8. Bekialice

    Piggo Barely Eating

    Hiya, I have 4 guinea pigs and one of the eldest recently caught an infection and spent a night at the vets. she's five and a half. She came back to me on boxing day and she's currently taking antibiotics twice a day, painkillers twice a day and an anti inflam once a day. I've seperated her...
  9. LydiaMinx

    Badger Cannot Eat!

    Hey all, just need some advice. Badger has been acting a bit off for a few days, not eating his veggies or nuggets, or drinking much water. He's also acting lethargic, not really moving much. He's interested in food, but seems reluctant to eat it, as with drinking from his bottle. He's chewing...
  10. J

    Specialist Guinea Pig Suddenly Won't Eat Her Food

    One year ago, we adopted two guinea pig sisters we named Nora and Beryl. They are almost 2 years old, sotheir still young piggies. These two sisters have markedly different personalities; Nora is confident, fiesty, bold, chubby, and whole-heartedly in love with food. Beryl, on the other hand, is...