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antibiotic concerns

  1. Jennipigs

    Ear infection and antibiotics

    Hello everyone! I've browsed this forum for years and have always found it to be so helpful and supportive, so thank you for that. This is my first post, I've just set up an account, actually. My 2 year old piggy Paquito suddenly developed a head tilt two days ago, with no other symptoms...
  2. A

    Doxycycline (How long before piggy stops squeaking while peeing UTI)

    Hello! My Guinea pig, Honey, has had a few UTI’s. The first two times, doxycycline stopped the infection. After hearing her squeak while going to the bathroom, I started using a doxycycline bottle (stored properly) from the vet prescribed a few months ago that isn’t expired. However, after a...
  3. C

    Recognising Signs of Heart Failure

    Hi everyone, I have a bonded neutered male and female pair that are rescues and I have had them exactly a month now. The little girl suddenly took a turn about two days ago and is exhibiting a lot of symptoms that align with heart failure: visible, laboured breathing where her whole abdomen...
  4. toodledoodler

    When to stop giving probiotics?

    Hello! My 2 boars are (finally, it has been a bumpy ride) nearing the end of their antibiotic treatment - for how long after my piggies’ last antibiotics dose should I continue giving them probiotics? And how long after they stop taking antibiotics are they more susceptible to illness? They have...
  5. LunaticPoodle

    Is Ditrim ok?

    Hi, I was going through Geezer's prescriptions and noticed that he's been prescribed Ditrim (antibiotic- Ditrim duplo- Orion Pharma) for his UTI. However, I noticed it contains xylitol. Last time he was given Borgal which doesn't have xylitol. Is this safe? I honestly don't trust that ER vet...
  6. S

    Stopping Baytril for URI due to gut problems?

    Squeegee's brother, Squonk, passed away early Monday morning (8/29) from pneumonia and I took Squeegee to Squonk's appointment at my vet as I had started to hear popping and wheezing noises from his nose. The vet didn't see anything in his lungs and said if it got worse to call the vet to...
  7. Rory4062

    Guinea Pig with URI, new to this!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums and still pretty new to experiencing owning a guinea pig. I had gotten my Bubba from my animal science trade program, we weren't sure how old he was but I had taken him home for the "2 weeks" my school had closed, 2 weeks turned into months and when it was...
  8. Rosekiss55

    Specialist Antibiotic treatment

    Hi I'm a new member but have always used this site for help with my piggies in the past. I do t know where to turn. My little piggie came to us just under two years ago, we adopted him in a pair after he was abandoned by his prev owners. Within 2 months of having him hed had a bladder infection...