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  1. eliotron

    Guinea pigs bum; rectum sticking out?

    There’s something sticking out of my piggies’ bum; it looks like his rectum, maybe rectal prolapse? I’m kind of concerned, and on one side of his bum there’s a lump. He can still pop normally but I’m just very worried :( Anyone experience this? Not sure how to link a picture; if I knew I would
  2. LlamaFluff

    I Noticed My Piggy Had Some Woodshavings Up His Bum, Horrible Smell To Continue. (boars)

    Obviously the anus isn't the best smelling part of the piggy, but my god. I put my thumbs on each cheek (he was on my chest, looking down) and I spread them out. Turns out their anus can... Open up? If that makes any sense. There was some hay and some woodshavings, and I was going to grab a...
  3. SixPigs

    Advice Please: Could My Guinea Pig Have Hemorrhoids?

    One of our boars has something hanging from his anal area - looks bobbly like a brain - pale pinkish. It's near the two testicles which look normal. Doesn't seem to be bothering him and he appears normal other than this. I've not noticed it before. It's quite big, bigger than a grape for eg...