1. bbddf

    Boar Neuter/Castration Support!

    Hi guinea lovers, I've had some amazing help on here, some of which I haven't always had time to respond to, but is much appreciated. This is an amazing online community and I am grateful for all of the information here. I have my two boars who fell out booked in for neutering on the 25th...
  2. cocodapig

    Any other new piggy owners with anxiety?

    I just got a 5 week old female guinea pig about three days ago, i have really bad anxiety and I'm always worrying about if somethings wrong with her. whether it’s with her droppings or bumblefoot or even her teeth. i feel like I'm not doing good enough. we have bonded very quickly and she seems...
  3. ashleemelda

    Piggy Travel Anxiety

    Last week I made a post about how my family and I will be taking my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose, along with us from Virginia to Illinois for the holidays, as there are no boarding facilities nearby and the people I would trust to watch them also go on vacation. It is an approximately 9 hour...