1. sundaepig

    old gal SCREAMING

    hello! recently my single piggie cashew has started to SCREAM. not just wheek, full out panic screams. she does this when I am in the room and when I'm not. she has fresh food, fresh bedding, fresh water... shes also started to chew on the metal bars of her cage whenever I'm in the room and then...
  2. M

    Shy Guinea Pig

    I’ve had Macy for coming on about three years. She is quite outgoing. Like most Guinea pigs, shell run if I try to pick her up but she’ll be fine immediately after. I can pet her through the cage and could basically scream (not that I do or would) and she’d be fine if not a small freeze. When I...
  3. Shauni

    Needing A 3rd Piggie?

    Dear everyone, I wonder if i need to buy a third guinea pig. My oldest piggie simba (2 years) recently lost her friend and she has a new friend for 2 months now (she is 4 months old). They really like eachother, but my oldest should be the leader only she is not fit for it. Simba has always...
  4. M

    Aggressive Female + Shy Female

    I have had a female guinea pig named Macy for nearly two years, I got her by herself because my parents only let me get one at the time. Recently I got a baby guinea pig (female as well) and she is only two months. I was expecting it to be a bit difficult with Macy as she's been alone for so...