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any tips

  1. RheMae

    Guinea pig won't stop scratching, don't want to stress him too badly!

    Hi all. Me again. I hope it's okay, I've read so much, and it helps to get advice from other piggy parents. So I started with 3 boys, Judo, Guts, and Bert. Judo passed away after a trip to the ER, I believe due to gut stasis I wasn't informed of. I scheduled an appointment for Guts the same...
  2. J

    Nose and Eye discharge

    I have had my guinea pigs for just over a year. One of my guinea pigs has had an eye discharge since last Friday so I took him to the vets and they told me his chest is clear and sent me away with eye drops. He has not really got much better and now has discharge on his nose, what shall I do...
  3. bumbling-bambi

    Otherwise Healthy Pig Started Drinking A Lot?

    So I obsessively check my two boys each day for any signs of illness or injury when I groom them each day (long haired piggy struggles!) and thanks to not only the lovely members of this forum but also the members of the Guinea Pig Advice and Support group on Facebook I'm confident that I can...