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appetite loss

  1. KatieK

    Recovering Piggy Won’t Eat Normally

    Hi Everyone! My precious little Toto (4.5 years) has been having a few health problems lately - one after another it seems. It started with a runny/gunky eye, and then a dental abscess and on-off tummy pain/stopping pooping. He seems to be prone to any pain related issues affecting his guts...
  2. Senna & Porridge

    Eating Habits

    I'm a new user of this website and a new pig owner, closing in on 6 months. I have two pigs, one is about 10 months and the other is roughly 15 months, they are both females. The 15 month old has a big appetite, and is not very picky, but today she ate about 2/3 of her food as oppose to eagerly...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Loss of appetite

    So if you saw my last thread about Steve's eye, he saw a vet and was given the OK. Infact it's yet again returned to normal. However upon waking up the smorning for work (4am yay) and replenishing hay and offering a morning Vege, Steve isn't eating. Albeit I'm getting ready and have to leave...
  4. PiggiesAndPaws

    Aftercare for a Guinea Pig After a Stroke - Part 1

    A couple of weeks ago my guinea pig suffered from a stroke. There was no particular reason or cause it just happened out of nowhere. He is getting older now and he's approaching 3 years old so his age could be the reason. I wasn't there to witness his stroke but there are a few easy symptoms to...
  5. Jeslubur

    Guinea pig lost appetite after neurering - any tips of tricks greatly appreciated!

    Hi, Our piggies were neutered last Tuesday and since then one of them has been feeling poorly and lost his appetite somewhat. Last Saturday we took him to the vets where he was given some medication to get his gut going after I noticed him not eating that morning. After the vet visit he...
  6. GiznYogi

    Guinea Pig Losing Weight On Baytril

    My boar had a couple of spots of blood in his urine so I took him to the vets. She advised I give him Baytril 0.25ml twice a day. He had been eating and drinking perfectly well but since starting these meds he's now hardly eating anything except a little hay, leaving his greens and nuggets...
  7. Salt and Pepper

    Syringe Feeding Tips, How To Increase An Appetite, Advice Please?

    Hi, my piggy had an operation to remove a bladder stone (about the size of a chickpea) last Tuesday, she has had a week course of baytrill and metacam which she has now finished.She is also in the middle of a course of ranitidine to get her gut moving again. She is not lethargic, sometimes her...
  8. S

    Unknown Lumps, Excessive Water Consumption, And Extreme Weight Loss

    I’ve had my guinea pig for 6 years, and he’s always been so happy and energetic when I gave him his veggies; but today he didn’t even flinch when I gave him his favorite...carrots. He bit it, but didn’t actually eat the carrot. He’s also lost a TON of weight. He’s very boney now. And he’s got a...