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  1. clawsboo

    Squinty Eye?

    so my new guinea, albert, has a bit of a squinty eye. the person at the pet store said he was about 4 weeks old. he has his own cage away from my other girls. i’m very worried because he has one squinty eye and there’s a bit of light yellow gunk coming out. the other eye is completely fine. he...
  2. Suki&Indie

    Hay Problem!

    So for the past few years ive been using alfalfa king timothy hay (11.36kg bag) but when I went to order some they were all out ! I looked at other sites but it was out of stock there too. Anyone know where to get some or something like it? All I need is for it to be nice (green, not dusty)...
  3. Suki&Indie

    Baytril Causing Mushy Poo

    Hi guys! Recently my wee girl got pretty sick and was brought to the vet. There they gave me 4 days worth of baytril. After the four days she was fine and eating as normal. Just now I noticed her poops are pretty mushy. The baytril doses finished on the 18th but I've heard it can cause mushy...
  4. T

    Having To Rehome Due To New Career? Please Help:(

    So I have a huge dilemma on my hands here:( I recently got offered the job of my dreams I worked so hard to get but it came with a HUGE condition: I rehome my Guinea pigs:( which I obviously in a million years do not want to do. I was told the pathogens from my pigs could spread to the...
  5. Suki&Indie

    Possible Bloat? Please Help

    Yesterday was quite a nice day so I put my piggies out to graze, this is the first time this year they've been out to graze. This morning I noticed one of my piggies making funny noises (a little bit of tummy rumbling and something that sounded like farting/balloon deflating) she ate some hay...
  6. Kamisnowla

    Please Help Is My Guinea Pig In Pain?

    This is Snow, my little female piggie. I'm having a hard time telling the difference between if she is just very comfortable and relaxed or she is in much pain. She is eating and drinking okay. It's been pretty warm here so maybe she is just hot? Please someone answer. She jays there, feet out...
  7. T

    Respiratory Infection? Pneumonia?

    Hi there! I recently adopted a pig from a girl at my college who could no longer support her. The little piggie is called Willow and is coming up for 7 months. The reason I took Willow is because her previous owner told me she had a severe respiratory infection for a month when she initially...
  8. K

    Help Asap - Seizures

    I received two guinea pigs from my ex-boyfriends brother because they were neglected and they have been in a loving home since, but Charlie has been acting very strange and i'm extremely worried. I haven't been able to find anything online about it and I won't have money to take him to the vet...
  9. Kamisnowla

    Please Help Asap!

    2 weeks ago I bought this guniea pig today as I was giving her food I noticed this patch. I'm sure it's ringworm and I don't know what to do, I can't go to the vets tomorrow and no chats are open right now. Please help what should I do? I washed my hands and my wrists to make sure I don't get...
  10. Suki&Indie

    Bathroom Housing?

    So we got our house renovated and the Guinea pig room got knocked down (they had a special room so the cat & dog couldn't get at them) so we put them in the guest room which is not used 90% of the time. My sister came home from uni for Christmas and now my parents are insisting my piggies stay...
  11. D

    2 Play Pens Joined Together?

    Okay a lot of you said that the playpen was too small and that I should get a c and c cage so o searched for one but my mum would say no because of how much they cost. if my mum doesn't let me get the suitable size for Guinea pigs then I won't be getting any because I don't want them to suffer...