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baby boar

  1. L

    Young male rumblestrutting

    Hi there We purchased two boars a week ago. One is two years old and the other a few months old. They are both beautifully healthy and have been together since the little one was separated from his mother without any issue (so I am told). I have noticed that the younger boar keeps...
  2. RheMae

    Baby hairless and watery eye?

    Hi everybody. I recently got another guinea pig despite not being fully ready, because my other guinea pig Bert needed a companion. They're doing super well together, luckily. His name is Will, and he's a hairless breed, with only hair on his nose and paws. He's about a couple months old now...
  3. C

    Possible ill guinea pig?

    Hello, I made this account just now to gain advice on what I should do. My young guinea pig Pico, has been more tired than usual lately. It started last night and I'm genuinely worried about his health. He's had health complications before as he has has pneumonia in the past, he took antibiotics...
  4. zoe.sterns

    Help! Respiratory Issues

    One of my young silkie boars was sneezing a lot and wiping his nose so i took him to the vet and the diagnosed him with what i thought it was, a mild upper respiratory infection. so i had him and his two other cage mates all on antibiotics for two weeks and they finished the two weeks yesterday...
  5. W

    Young boars fighting

    I have four pigs, 3 boars and a sow. Bear (older boar) moved back in with Womble recently. Bear was living with two baby boars (Biggum and Wilson) and before he left kept on having stand offs with Wilson. Now he's gone, Wilson and Biggum keep fighting, it starts off with tooth chattering...
  6. zoe.sterns

    New Baby Guinea with Issues? please help

    ok so today i picked up my two 5 week old silkie board from a breeder. one of them has me a little worried. he has a weird scar on his eye and what seemed to be a pimple or scab on his neck? both small. he also is pretty slobbery and has a lot of saliva in his mouth? the next off thing is that...
  7. C

    Meloxicam Causing Death

    After losing a battle with my almost 3-year-old skinny pig (Hairless guinea pig) to dermatitis that went into the bones, I had decided to get a baby hairless guinea pig to keep my almost 2-year-old guy, company. I had taken the new baby guinea pig I named Phelix, to the vet. His penis had gotten...
  8. gigilover123

    Baby guinea pig on antibiotics for URI getting worse?

    I have a male guinea pig I got from petsmart, I do NOT support buying over adopting, however he was clearly sick and very badly beaten by the other guinea pigs. When we got him he seemed to get a bit better, only minor symptoms of his URI. So we waited a bit before getting him into a vet for...
  9. S

    New Guinea Pig Problems! Help!

    I recently got a new guinea pig. He is a baby. I have only ever had my one older guinea pig male and decided that he needed a friend. My new guinea pig keeps getting humped and pushed around by my older guinea pig. I don't know if this is normal or not. I don't know if I should post a photo or...
  10. S

    Taking care of a runt?

    I just adopted 2 Male guinea pigs from the same litter about a week ago, dont know exsact age but around 2 months. One is a fair amout smaller then the other, pretty sure he was is the runt. He is eating, drinking, looks and seems healthy. Is there any special care runts need?
  11. Robynnlouu

    My Poor Boy.

    so unfortunately this morning my little boy had to be put down. I had only had him a week but he was the most outgoing, gentle and lovely boy. but pets at home sold me a guinea pig with a birth defect which meant he could not poop. I even told them to check both my boys before i bought them...
  12. Maya_7

    Hi Does Anyone Have Any Tips On Taming Baby Guinea Pigs?

    I juest recently got a baby guinea pig to go with some other pigs which are already tame and was wondering if anyone had anytips of taming babies.
  13. Alexandra West

    Piggie Sleep Schedule?

    When do your piggies sleep? I thought they were nocturnal, but Finnian seems to like sleeping off and on from midnight to 5 A.M. He doesn't normally sleep during the day. Could that be because he's in my room with me? I'mnot really worried, he's still adjusting to the new environment. I'm just...
  14. Guinea_PigLover

    Guinea Pig Bonding

    Hi i have 6 boars who happen to be guinea pigs. Occasionally they are running around the garden and have 3 large hutches. We are hoping to buy a shed but the guinea pigs do not get along. There are three couples. The oldest two are sweet and loving they are named Robin and galaxy. Robin is 5...
  15. Elgifu321

    Are My Baby Boars Healthy Weights?

    some of you followed my Guinea pig Oswyns story, he passed away last week unfortunately so I was left with a lonely pig in need of a friend asap. I reached out to rescues first for boar dating but none anywhere up to an hour or 2 drive away seemed to have any solo boars so I resorted to...