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baby guinea pig illness

  1. justneeharika

    My Baby Guinea Pig Pluto died...

    He was 4 days old...I can’t cope with it..I keep crying. I wrote him a little letter- The gentlest, sweetest thing ever❤️ I love you so much, Pluto. I’m so so so sorry you suffered so much. I’ll never, ever forget you. It doesn’t matter that Loulou didn’t pay much attention to you...I loved...
  2. T

    What could this be

    Found this on guniea pig today,his brother died this morning so want to know if should get this one checked too .
  3. E

    Baby Guinea Pig Isn't Using His Back Legs

    We purchased a baby guinea pig today. The owner claimed he was eight weeks, but judging by his size I thought otherwise. Shortly after bringing him home, we noticed he was dragging his back legs. I Googled it, but there didn't seem to be many cases with young guinea pigs. I made an appointment...