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baby piggie

  1. gonebanhannahs

    Critical Care for New Piggy

    Hello everyone! I've posted one other time regarding my new piggies, but I've got quite the situation here. I recently adopted 4 baby guinea pigs from a nearby rescue, and while I understand there's a transition period where the piggies will need to get comfy and feel safe, I feel this is...
  2. A

    Newborn Pig Cloudy-ish eyes and discharge?

    Hi y’all! I really appreciate the work all you do, this forum has been so helpful since I got piggies! I need some advice, I will likely end up taking her to the vet but I’m not sure what to do in the meantime since I can’t really afford an emergency visit. She was born 1/08/22 as a part of an...
  3. rinlalin

    Super Young Piggie! Problems?

    hello all! as some of you may know, i'm a new-ish guinea pig owner. (backstory, the short version: got a guinea when i was 9/10, went to school, my grandma (who hated the poor little guy) drove it to the pet store and gave it to a random kid in the parking lot before i got home) i just got a...
  4. Jennybug89

    Our New Arrival!

    Meet Rachel! She's 8 weeks old... And stunning. Picked her up today and can't get enough of her. She's in her own cage separate from Rosie for the next few weeks till they can meet. Cannot wait to introduce the two. Any ideas of her breed?
  5. Pig_mum

    Help! My New Guinea Pig Is Being Bullied

    I have two guinea pigs, Primrose (1 year and 2 months old) and Jemima (approx. 6 years old). I adopted Jemima with another guinea pig, Gordon, from Woodgreen Animal Shelter 4 years ago and due to a number of health complications, Gordon died in February 2016. So in the April of 2016, we got...
  6. Alexandra West

    Clicking Noise?

    Hello, I'm here again. Just today around 3:30 I took Finnian, my 6-8 week old piggie to the vet to get checked for a URI. He said Finnian was fine, and all was well. I cleaned his eye boogers off gently with a warm Q-tip, and he was fine. When I was cuddling him, I noticed a strange clicking...
  7. ChewyTheGuinea

    Chewy's A Rear Scratcher

    He cooed when I scratch his rear (It's so cute...)
  8. P

    Rescue - Baby Pig Issues: Eating Problems

    I recently brought home a rescue pig. He was bought from a pet store, and the girl could no longer take care of him. He's either under or right at the 2 months age mark. He's had some health issues, which I hope are coming to an end. But I am concerned that he may be too small to eat the...
  9. Einahpets16

    My Baby Girl Just Fart.

    Hello I'm so worry because my baby girl has just fart. At first I saw at her like was that you? And she was kind of startled herself. But should I be worrying about this? I heard her fart yesterday as she walks to come near me and today it happen again. I have just given her veggies. Is this...
  10. Einahpets16

    New Piggie I Really Need Help

    Hello this week I got a baby girl as a christmas present from my boyfriend. She's a peruvian guinea pig and she's just 3 months old her name is Agatha*. As you may know peruvians are a long hair breed and she has a gorgeous long white hair. But I notice she's kind of dirty on her belly and near...