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baby piggy

  1. A

    Newborn Pig Cloudy-ish eyes and discharge?

    Hi y’all! I really appreciate the work all you do, this forum has been so helpful since I got piggies! I need some advice, I will likely end up taking her to the vet but I’m not sure what to do in the meantime since I can’t really afford an emergency visit. She was born 1/08/22 as a part of an...
  2. Alssa

    Is This A Good Thing?

    I’ve had my new baby piggy for almost a week and I want to know if what she’s doing is normal or good. Whenever I take her out for floor time or to just hang out, she likes to crawl up my chest perch on my shoulder like a little parrot. She also likes to climb into and up my sleeves and gets...