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back leg paralyzed

  1. TwixyPooSnickersPoo

    Senior pig advice - dragging 1 leg on and off (Vet appt. in few days)

    Hello everyone! I have two precious piggie brothers who I adopted back in 2014. Today, they are roughly about 5 -7 years old (Seniors?) I suppose but I'm not quite sure to be honest! When I adopted them, the Associate wasn't even sure how old they were since the previous owner never knew. After...
  2. Morticia

    My Guinea Pig Can't Move Her Left Rear Leg.

    Good morning everyone, My Luna can't move her left rear leg and she drags it around, looks stiff and she's in pain. We took her to the vet and they did X-rays, bet said nothing seems to be broken, she won't move to eat, she avoids moving. The vet said the meds are only for infection and for...