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  1. TwixyPooSnickersPoo

    Senior pig advice - dragging 1 leg on and off (Vet appt. in few days)

    Hello everyone! I have two precious piggie brothers who I adopted back in 2014. Today, they are roughly about 5 -7 years old (Seniors?) I suppose but I'm not quite sure to be honest! When I adopted them, the Associate wasn't even sure how old they were since the previous owner never knew. After...
  2. 12Origlo

    Guinea pig partial paralysis

    I really need help with my Guinea pig he’s about a year and a half old. Previously he’s been paralysed and when I toon him to the vet they said they couldn’t see anything wrong with him. They even suggested putting him down. I put him on osteocare the vitamin and massaged his back legs everyday...