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  1. L

    UTI, urine still bloody on antibiotics

    Hello all, I’m looking for help and other ideas for my 1.5-2yo (estimated) boar, Pollen. He underwent light sedation (isofluorane) at the vet on Friday 3/17 for an X-ray to rule out dental issues after about a month of one intermittently runny nostril. The X-ray was normal, but it took him the...
  2. mehartr

    Pink Urine after starting antibiotics?

    Hello! My 2 year old boy has been sneezing and having a crusty nose. I took him to the vet and they said his lungs sounded fine but because of the crusty nose, they put him on a 7 day course of Bactrim (only because he didn’t tolerate Baytril well last time). The medication is hot pink, and...
  3. Q

    Uti? Please Help!

    Hi everyone, if anyone could give me any thoughts/advice id greatly appreciate it. About a month ago my 3 year old female pig wasnt acting herself, we took her to the vet who prescribed baytril and metacam. She finished her course and then suddenly starting getting a wet bottom, she was soaking...