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bad air

  1. Parnassus

    Hooting And Stuffy From Hay?

    Hey There! I am reading some horror stories about heart disease in hooting guinea pigs. I want to run this working theory I'm troubleshooting by you to see if this sounds like a reasonable theory. We are currently helping Blade's cage mate, Whistler, through bladder sludge (Thread on that...
  2. Parnassus

    Sneezing Guinea Pig, Now On Topical Treatment

    My sow is 8-10 months old, and she sneezed yesterday. I brought her to our cavy-savvy vet yesterday afternoon. By the time we arrived, she had developed some eye goopies (I'm sure that's the scientific term for it). The vet checked her thoroughly and said her lungs are clear, but her nose...