bad poo

  1. C

    Help Tear shaped poos!

    I have two Guinea pigs about 8 or 9 months old. Their names are mocha and cookie. Cookie has recently started having tear shaped poops. They are not dry though. Neither of my guinea pigs have been as active or friendly lately. They don’t like being held all the sudden and they won’t let me pick...
  2. LordCavy

    Guinea pig suddenly stopped eating; producing clumpy, soft poop

    Hi! My guinea pig, Muffin, suddenly stopped eating yesterday; he's simply been sleeping. I've noticed he squeaks when he poops, he also produces very soft and clumpy stools. I've been giving him Critical Care (15ml every 3 hr) and Pro-C probiotics diluted with water (5ml every 3h). Apologies if...