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  1. Sazeasy

    Baby pigs with bald patches

    Hi there I rehomed 2 baby sows yesterday afternoon. 8.5 weeks. When I collected the lady said that they were born with cradle cap. She had given to Pets At Home for advice (sigh) and they advised to treat with coconut oil 3 times a day. She said it had cleared considerably since then. I have...
  2. minnie_ozzy

    How to care for large bald patches (cause established)

    Hi there! One of my piggies, Minnie, has been plagued by some health problem nearly her whole life :(( For the past 6 months or so, she's had slowly growing bald patches over her body. I've just moved them to my new residence, where the vets actually seem to know what they're doing with guinea...
  3. Hiimkrystle

    Balding on hip

    I recently adopted a 4 year old guinea pig. They warned me beforehand that she is very very shy. So far, she's doing very well, she eats hay all day, drinks water, eats her vegetables and will take treats from our hands. Her poop is healthy and she's a solid weight (possibly a little chunky lol)...