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bar chewing

  1. W

    Bar biting

    I'v had to split my pigs cage in half for a few days as it turns out one of my guinea pigs is actually female and quite pregnant. I don't have enough C&C panels to create two separate cages so I'm waiting for some more panels and plastic to arrive. My Boar, Bear has coped with it quite badly...
  2. Julesie

    Is This Safe To Use?

    Hello everyone My guineapigs have been bar chewing for a while. It's gotten so bad that I am worried about their teeth and now the newest piggie is picking up the bad habits. He hasn't properly started yet but I don't want him to follow suite. My mother found this stuff and told Me to use it...
  3. kitkat1

    Bar Chewing?

    So recently my pigs have been chewing their cage bars when I walk into to the room. They only do this because they are hungry and want my attention, (I am positive because they don't do it when I'm not in the room. It's not because of boredom. When I turn off the light they instantly stop) but I...