1. P

    How to wash guinea pigs? (Female)

    2 out of 5 of our lovely lady pigs are starting to smell a bit musty! 🤢 I have never, ever washed Guineas before! I have also just bought some guinea shampoo from “gorgeous Guineas” does anyone have any tips on how to wash them? And can I wash their “grease gland” / butt. Thank you!
  2. Beans&Toast

    Bath Time For Toast

    So my little Toasty needed a late night bath because she peed and poo'd all over her hair (she has long hair at her bum) and it got in quite a mess.. Needless to say she was not amused..
  3. Einahpets16

    New Piggie I Really Need Help

    Hello this week I got a baby girl as a christmas present from my boyfriend. She's a peruvian guinea pig and she's just 3 months old her name is Agatha*. As you may know peruvians are a long hair breed and she has a gorgeous long white hair. But I notice she's kind of dirty on her belly and near...