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    Pro-C timing

    Can I give Pro-C at the same time as glucasomine, gapapentin and metacam please? She is having baytril in the evening with those meds also. So I'm thinking of giving her Pro-C in the morning when I'm not giving her the baytril dose. Some of her poos are a bit bigger and softer, still formed...
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    Baytril dosage

    Hi, One of my guinea pigs seems to got both a uri and cystitis at the same time and has been prescribed both metacam and Baytril 2.5% (1mg, once a day). My query is with the dosage of Baytril. 1mg a day seems to be almost double the recommended dose, is it too much? Admittedly, he is a large...
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    Unexplained Illness

    Can anyone help? Female pig age 3.5years. Has been loosing a little bit of weight, very gradually, over time. She is now underweight. 2/3 weeks ago, she got diarrhea, which she recovered from the next day. But I took her to the vet, who agreed she was underweight. He thought it was her teeth, as...