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benebac plus

  1. Isabellajones

    Pointy poops and are a veggies a must?

    Hello everyone, Just a bit of information about my piggie before I go into detail: I adopted a boar in December last year, I’m not sure of his age but Pets At Home said he was about 9 months at the time of his adoption. He is on a table spoon of burgess nuggets. Silky soft hay (a mix of...
  2. S'mores and Pockets

    Benebac and Critical Care? (Underlying issues)

    Hello! I have a 3 1/2 year old boar, S’mores (he has a cage mate) who has been having poop issues since late January. The vet has done a fecal test (it came out negative) and blood work (signs of liver inflammation). He was put on a two week course of Orbax (antibiotic) it did nothing. The vet...
  3. P

    Probiotic before dose?

    Hi! Our guinea pigs are on two antibiotics, and due to our schedule, we are only able to give a probiotic two hours after the second dose of antibiotics. So i was wondering if I could give benebac two hours before the antibiotic? Would it have the same effect or would it be pointless. Thanks!
  4. Piggielover333

    Bene Bac Plus

    So recently I reordered a syringe of BeneBac Plus for my Guinea Pigs because my other one ran out. I accidentally purchased one for birds instead of the original kind. I have placed an order for the kind that they had before just to make sure, but does anyone know if the bird kind would be safe...