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best guinea pig ever

  1. MJG

    He's Enjoying That...

    Honestly this little guy is my best friend ( I love his brother dearly too but Goliath is very independent and won't tolerate cuddles lol ) he helps me cope with daily life , he is so tolerant I will literally kiss him and kiss his ears and kiss his back and he's just like oooh I like that and...
  2. FluffyB

    Fuffy Fozzy Bear 12/24/10-3/11/16

    Fuffy came to us on Christmas Day, 2010. He was just a little bitty guinea piggy, but he had a wonderful personality and a big cowlick with a bright Copper streak right on top of his head. He loved talking to our other guinea pig, often going over to talk to her and ask her how she was doing...