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  1. toodledoodler

    Piggies moodier in the evening/night?

    Hello! My 2, 7-month-old boys almost had a falling out when they were 4 months, but sorted it out. Their hierarchy somehow COMPLETELY changed, and the previous submissive piggie is now dominant, but they seem at peace with it. There’s been some new bickering recently, more intense this time, I...
  2. Fuzz Pigs

    New Pigs Home... Nips, Bites, Squeaks And Bossy Pigs. Normal?

    Hello everyone, I brought my three rescue piggies home a couple of days ago and they've started to settle. Since they're not hiding constantly now like when they first got home, they've started to show some behaviours that I'm a little concerned about. The least concerning is one of my girls...