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  1. ManicPiggieDreamGirl

    Happy five years!

    I got to celebrate my five year gotcha day with Elevensies last week. I got her from a shelter where the staff told me she was about three at the time, so I can only guess at how old this queen is. I feel so blessed every day we get to spend together. Five years ago she didn’t like any people...
  2. bxth98

    Happy 1st Birthday Alfie!

    It’s our youngest piggies birthday today so I thought I’d share some photos of him and Alfie’s dad Carlo enjoying his birthday party 🥳
  3. Tashie&bubbie


    Bubbie is turning 1 an d I was wondering how can I make a guniea pig safe cake
  4. urmasdejormas

    Happy coming to our home one year party!

    Then and now
  5. Teazel 2017

    Happy birthday Ruby!

    Today was Ruby's [my Sheltie] 1st birthday!
  6. Teazel 2017

    Happy birthday Teazel and Snowy!

    It was Teazel and Snowy, the twins, birthday on Saturday! They turned 1 and here are some pics!
  7. Kallasia

    Custom Portraits From Guinea Pig Wheekly :)

    Hi all! So, for my dad's birthday, I got him some custom prints of the grandpigs! I thought you might all like to see :) Arrival: Opening: Unwrapping: Framing: The photo doesn't really do it justice, so you'll have to use your imaginations! I got him one of them together, on a Man City FC...
  8. Celine298

    Happy Birthday Lola-jean :)

    Today is Lola-Jean's birthday! Well, it's a celebration of the day I got her :P She a little pocket-rocket, full of business and energy! Constantly chatting to her brother Sunny, or anyone who'll listen, the loudest of wheekers and a fearless little explorer who (I discovered quite early on)...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Oh Boys...

    So it's my birthday today and my two little munchkins have been behaving all week with little to no humping etc. But I wake up the smorning and...yeah lol. Steve just decided he wants to non stop mount and rumble at Mo (good luck) and unlike when Steve just let's Mo mount him...Mo doesn't take...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Birthday Gift Help.

    It's my grandad's birthday soon and I'd love to get him something piggy related. He looks after Mo when I'm on holiday (now Mo and Steve haha he's yet to meet him) and he loves them. Affectionately referring to Mo as 'Oink Oink' or 'hamster'. (A large hamster *cough* sorry Mo) in fact on phone...
  11. Dandelion Dream

    Happy 5th Birthday To Bailey And Patch :)

    Happy Birthday to my piggies Bailey and Patch here is their Birthday Photos :)
  12. Celine298

    A Very Special Day...

    Today is the one year anniversary of the day we brought home our first piggy, Sunny Hughie Anthony! Since I don't know his actual birthday, I've decided this will be his special day. Extra cuddles will be had tonight along with a special treat of a melon slice :) To celebrate, I want to...