birthday pigs

  1. Siikibam

    Happy birthday yesterday!

    So our girls turned one yesterday and got an extra lettuce leaf as a birthday present. I worked till early hours then was out the morning and back to sleep before picking up the kids! I would have done a birthday shoot if I’d had time. They’ll all also be getting a bit of fruit at the weekend...
  2. Celine298

    Happy Birthday Lola-jean :)

    Today is Lola-Jean's birthday! Well, it's a celebration of the day I got her :P She a little pocket-rocket, full of business and energy! Constantly chatting to her brother Sunny, or anyone who'll listen, the loudest of wheekers and a fearless little explorer who (I discovered quite early on)...
  3. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Happy Birthday Baby Girls!

    Hello other piggy slaves! We would like to announce that we, Andromeda and Tonks, have turned 1 today! So that means we get to stay up late and date boys. I'm Andromeda and I bit mummy quite firmly when she didn't give me food quick enough, she treated us to lots of new things today...
  4. Dandelion Dream

    Happy 5th Birthday To Bailey And Patch :)

    Happy Birthday to my piggies Bailey and Patch here is their Birthday Photos :)
  5. Animal lover

    Birthday Guineas

    Happy Birthday to Raj And Cucumber for the 1st of February. Like and Subscribe.