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biting bars

  1. Wetherill

    Worst. Cage biter. Ever.

    My Bercy(~9mo) chews on the bars of his cage like it is his life’s purpose. When I say 24/7, I mean 24/7. I have no idea what to do. He has a consistent feeding schedule every day, gets plenty of his vegetables, a serving of pellets, hay at all times, filtered water at all times. He has 2...
  2. L


    so my big pig precious, who ive posted about before has started to bite and even draw blood. I will go to pet her and she'll let me pet her but if i move too fast she snaps around and nips me in the hand. recently i was holding her and my mother had my other pig sweet pea and was moving towards...
  3. Lachesism

    New pig likes to bite?

    I just got a new guinea pig about three days ago. She's not quite used to me yet but she sometimes lets me pet her and will eat from my hand. She used to hide when I approached the cage but now she's less afraid. I was excited to think I'm making progress with her but suddenly she starts...
  4. P

    Biting Through Bars?

    Hello, I have just collected my two piggies after 5 weeks away. They are both males and started fighting before we put them in the boarding house so put them separately. They are 10 months old. We put them back in their indoor cages, we put the cages next to each other so that they can still...