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biting cage

  1. R

    crazy for pellets

    So my other guinea pig Hai always goes crazy when I'm about to give them their pellets. He comes to the edge of the cage and starts biting the bars. I tried waiting if he would maybe stop and I could give the pellets then but he just started biting the cage bottom furiously and pulling it...
  2. Ssalter05

    Biting bars

    Hi, i have noticed my guinea pig has recently started chewing the bars alot. She is 8 weeks old and lives with her sister in a 6x2 c&c cage and has plenty of different chew toys and wooden items that can be chewed on. So i dont know why she is doing this. If anyone could help as to why this...
  3. Lachesism

    New pig likes to bite?

    I just got a new guinea pig about three days ago. She's not quite used to me yet but she sometimes lets me pet her and will eat from my hand. She used to hide when I approached the cage but now she's less afraid. I was excited to think I'm making progress with her but suddenly she starts...