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  1. Kirbs

    Will they be ok?

    I have three 6 month old male guinea pigs living together. Sadly, one is constantly being chased and bitten on the ear by one. He also gets food snatched off him also they all get the same treats. Will they be ok soon or will I have to consider separating them? The ‘bullied’ one is also...
  2. B

    Ill guines pig got bit by his cagemate

    Hi there! Long time lurker but this is my first post! I've learned a lot from this forum but was hoping to get some opinions and/pr advice. I am a first time Guinea Pig owner so I'm still learning new things about them. My 2 year old, Schmill, has recently been diagnosed with a bladder stone...
  3. piggie.slave


    Hello, i have come home today and cleaned the pigs and noticed a bite mark on one of my pigs faces. They are two males and have been together for nearly a year in a few months. Rolo, the one who has been bitten is 5 and we lost his brother so we brought scruff who is 1 next month. They get on...
  4. Lil3piggies

    Help! Bitten Ear!

    Hi everyone, I've just come to check on the piggies and Arlo has got a bitten ear! Il post a photo but you can't see it clearly, there's a bit of blood. What should I do :( do I have to separate them or not? I have 3 boars and they are currently in a hutch together but inside. I'll try and...