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black scabs

  1. P

    Dry flaking skin, scabs and black lumps

    Today I noticed my 3 year old boar has very sore-looking skin on the lower half of his back. It's scabby and flaking, and there are moderately sized black lumps all down his spine, at least 5 of them. I don't know how I missed this, I had him out just the other day to cut his nails. His...
  2. Fi8891

    Black Scab Around Nostril

    My boy Noodle has recently developed a black scab-like patch around his nostril. He’s had a small black spot there for a long time, but it didn’t suggest any cause for concern. Recently (within the last week) he’s got this big scabby area. It doesn’t appear to be ringworm as the rest of his coat...
  3. Tony112

    Black Scabs On Mouth

    One of my pigs is about 8 months old and has developed large black scabs on the front and in the corners of his mouth, I have looked into it and have been told it could be a problem with his stomach and is some type of immune deficiency condition and it may not be possible to cure it. It seems...