bladder inflammation

  1. CheeseAndPiggle

    Glucosamine for bladder inflammation

    Good morning, I only just joined & I've already posted up my introduction. The 2 girlies we adopted in September were loved by their previous owners but for some reason they could no longer devote time to caring for them anymore. I know they meant no harm & would appreciate no judgement on...
  2. W

    Urinary track infection? Ovarian cyst?

    Hello everyone, My guinea pig Nymeria is peeing blood. I only found out today, to my knowledge yesterday this wasn't happening. I immediately took her to an exotics vet and they took an x-ray and a pee sample. There were no bladder stones so the vet said it's possible it's either a urinary...
  3. kitelk

    Inflamed Bladder + Glucosamine.

    Hello all, I have a 3 year old guinea pig "Lola" with an inflamed bladder. I have seen a few people on here using vegan glucosamine to help the lining of the bladder and so I purchased this one Glucosamine 1500 - Caruso's Natural Health | Health care products | Health food store | Herbal...