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  1. W

    Does my guinea pig have mange mites?

    Hi, 1 week ago I was noticing that my guinea pig was itching a lot more and tended to be more scared by his fellow piggies. Therefore I decided to just check up on him, then I found out red dots and a lil scabbing on his back. He also began to bald as when I brushed him more than usual hair came...
  2. Angelina_97866

    Guinea pig bleeding from bum area

    My male boar has suddenly started bleeding from his urinary area. I’m very worried as it’s quite a lot of blood. What should I do to help apart from take him to the vet which hopefully I can do asap?
  3. ceciliaxdee

    Spayed sow guinea pig intermittent bleeding

    Hello all, hoping someone can offer advice or experiences with this situation. I have a 1.5 year old female guinea pig who had fresh blood coming from her vagina/anus/bottom area early May. I took her to two different exotic vets for opinions and they ruled out UTI or stones. We had her spayed...
  4. N

    Guinea pig bleeding from anus, does it require a vet?

    When my guinea pig turned seven gradually the fur on her rear end became matted and covered with presumably faeces, now she has recently turned eight. This morning I found a pile of her droppings surrounded by blood. Later when giving her some fresh food, she excreted once again but she didn't...
  5. Helloo

    Bleeding from bottom. Help asap!

    So my I noticed small amount of blood coming at my guinea pigs bottom. There were only few drops and she doesn't bleed anymore. She's acting normal and doesn't show any signs of pain and she's peeing normally and I also checked if she had any tumors or cysts but I couldn't find anything. So it...
  6. M

    Sow bleeding from bottom after 2 weeks of antibiotic and anti inflammatory treatment

    Hi, My piggy June is about a year and a half old. Two weeks ago I found blood in the pen and on her bottom to we took her to the vets where she was checked and had an x ray. There was glucose in her wee and blood and the x-ray showed no sign of kidney or bladder stones. So she began treatment...
  7. 4

    Boar bleeding after sterilization?

    Hi, I looked this up but couldn't find anything like that on the forum. I'm kinda freaking out, let me get right into it. We got one of my boys (a few months shy from being 1 and a half years old) neutered today. Everything's good and we trust our vet. We hand-fed him for a while. It's been...
  8. T

    Possible sick pig

    Hello all, I have 4 female pigs. We noticed our pig Kimchi was bleeding from her vagina on Christmas. The day after she was no longer bleeding but We took her to the vet on Friday and was told she's in heat, I know sows do not bleed while in heat and the vet said it could be possibly a UTI and...
  9. Incredipigs

    Help! - Bleeding from the bum

    So I noticed yesterday my 5 year old guinea pig, Charity had some kind of abcess on her cheek. Today she is heavily bleeding from her front bum. The blood is bright red. I can't get her to the vet until Tuesday. My grandma reckons she is having a baby. There is a chance she could have been...
  10. isabell

    My guinea pig is bleeding

    I just got back from vacatin and my female guinea pig is bleeding form her bottom she is 3 years old and this has never happened before my mother told me it’s just a period but I’m concerned that my little girls in some trouble. My brother says that this has been happening for a while. I just...
  11. P

    Scratched Off Scab

    My guinea pig had a wound on her ear from where the other one nipped at her. It scabbed over nicely, but she scratched it off. Now it’s an even bigger, bloody wound and she has blood on her. How do I help her without seeing a vet?
  12. Jenna Amore

    Lip Bleed - Help!

    GUINEA PIG LOVERS! I need your help with my 8 month old Abyssinian guinea pig, Ginger! She was in my arms and got startled by a loud sound and jumped out of my arms to the ground. She landed on her feet, thankfully, but I noticed her lip was bleeding just below her mouth. It didn’t bleed for...
  13. Gemm24

    Unhealing Wound

    hi My Guinea pig Ruby cut herself on her left back side in April this year and I took her to the vets who said it looked like she has scraped herself on something and not to worry. Since then it has opened a couple of times so I have washed it and monitored her and it hasn't bothered her...
  14. G

    Lump Under My Gpig's Chin Burst And Bleeding

    I have a six year old male gpig Gibby, and a four month old female Alaska. They are in separate cages obviously! :) we got our new little lady last month totally unexpectedly. We went to Petco to get supplies for Gibby and our other pets and stopped to quickly look at the babies they had...