blind pigs

  1. FairyOlivia

    Going Blind

    Around four years ago I got three female guinea pig sisters. Two have had zero health issues but Fairy has always had trouble with her eyesight. She has always coped relatively well with a little help from myself but since last week I have noticed a big change in her. On Thursday I noticed...
  2. ChloeCee98

    Is My Piggy Blind ?

    I got Hudson a few months ago. He's always been a character, he hardly eats any veg that isn't plain and he's only just started to eat cucumber! He doesn't react if your hand is near him and he does realise when the girls are at the front of his cage. He hardly squeaks and only ever makes a...
  3. Squidgypigs

    Blind Baby?

    We will get this confirmed at the vets but I suspect that one of Blondie's recent babies could be blind, possibly even deaf. She was the last to be born and is considerably smaller than her brother and sister, however is gaining weight steadily. There is nothing physically suspicious of...