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  1. S

    Bloat? Pregnant? Tumor?

    So i’ve had my guinea pig Lucy since January 11th 2024, and she’s been acting very normal and she’s actually pretty happy, though I went on a camping trip for about 6 days and I had my cousin provide them with vegetables, tbough i packed a lot more veggies than she and her sister should’ve eaten...
  2. Bethan

    Bloat recovery

    Hi all, My beautiful boy Dylan (5.5 years old) has been going off his food over the weekend and stopped eating overnight. We have been syringe feeding recovery formula but didn’t seem to get his guts moving. His poops have been very soft too and not formed at all. Rushed him to the vets this...
  3. CodyThePiggy

    is my pig fat or bloated? TwT

    hellooo! its me again XD, anywayz i came on here bc i think my pig might be bloated but i cant tell if its that or if hes just fat :(
  4. samji

    Bloat in two guinea pigs?

    Here are my earlier posts No poops (but eating, drinking..) Good news is, since getting Jack a friend (Leo) through speed dating, he has vastly improved. Exotic vet didn't think it was anything contagious. However, Leo has now got bloat and isn't pooing, loss of appetite, not himself. Leo...
  5. N


    My guinea pig last week wasnt pooping due to respitory issues so I started giving her critical care, and by 3 days later she was pooping like normal again and eatting normally again. Today I noticed she wasn’t really eatting and her stomach felt kind of hard which I’m not sure if she’s bloated...