1. TheWheekies

    My Blog

    Hi. I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but I've just started a blog called TheSqueakies and I'm planning to update regularly with what my pigs are up to, health issues, cage set out etc. I'd love it if some of you were to check it out! My latest post is about how Chip has broken his teeth...
  2. TheWheekies

    Chip Broke His Teeth!

    Hi, I'd like to send you to my new blog and my latest post about how Chip broke his teeth and how I'm dealing with it! Please give feedback and if you have any tips, feel free to share either in the comments here or on my blog.
  3. GoodnessGuineas

    Goodness Guineas

    Hi all, I have recently set up a blog all about care of guinea pigs, I'd really appreciate if anyone was interested in visiting it. I post a new blog ever Friday which topics can be suggested by vistors of the blog! It's only in it's early stages but I hope it will be informative and helpful...