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blood in my guineapigs cage

  1. amii394

    Blood in urine

    Hi everyone. I have recently noticed that my 10 month old male is weeing blood. Yesterday I noticed a few red-ish/brown-ish spots in the cage and I thought it was either the stains from red pepper or strawberry (as he had had both in the days prior). However, minutes ago I witnessed him...
  2. K

    Blood in Urine

    I have a female Guinea pig that’s around 6ish years old that currently has a bladder infection. She’s been peeing very small amounts of blood and has been on an antibiotic provided by my vet. I went to check on her today and there was large blood clots and a big pile of blood. I’m unsure what to...
  3. W

    Urinary track infection? Ovarian cyst?

    Hello everyone, My guinea pig Nymeria is peeing blood. I only found out today, to my knowledge yesterday this wasn't happening. I immediately took her to an exotics vet and they took an x-ray and a pee sample. There were no bladder stones so the vet said it's possible it's either a urinary...
  4. Poppy_and_Daisy

    Blood In My Guineapigs Cage?

    yetserday evening I went in just to check the guineapigs were okay and daisy was laying down beside the ramp on the top level which isn't really unusual as they do like to lay there as upstairs I use fleece bedding. Anyway she got up and moved away and there was some blood in the blanket. It...