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boar bits

  1. K

    skinny pig w swollen skin around penis

    hello, my skinny guinea pig dorian has a very visible swollen skin around where his penis would peek out (photo). he's eating well, doesn't show any signs of pain even when i touch it. however it looks inflamed(?), red and quite concerning. what do i do? unfortunately i don't want to rush him to...
  2. Ono&Lennon

    Please help! Guinea pig with lumpy, swollen protruding penis

    This is my 4.5 year old skinny pig Lennon. Last night i noticed two smallish firm, white lumps on the base of his penis. His penis is also red, somewhat swollen and sticking out. He is eating, drinking and running around just fine and does not seem to be bothered by it at all. We are calling...
  3. R

    please tell me your experiences with boar cleaning

    hi so i just found out about boar cleaning and I'm sure a lot of people have been in the same situation. and sorry if this gets asked a lot but I'm a little grossed out and scared of boar cleaning so do you have any advice on how do i get over the fear and just think of it as helping the piggie...
  4. Tinychels

    Boar bit in the nostil

    Hello! My boyfriend, Jesse, just recently bought a new piggy, named him Bambi. Jesse originally has 3 boars: the oldest is Cocoa, then comes Jorgi, and Cocoa’s son Niko. He tried introducing Bambi in a neutral area with the 3 boars, however also immediately Bambi and Cocoa started teeth...
  5. Prasiddha

    bits and bum cleaning

    Hi friends, I haven't done much of cleaning on my 8 months old boar till date since he was quite a clean freak. But today when I observed there is something white in his anal sac. Also his penis looks little dirty. I searched and didn't get hold of mineral oil. Could I use pure coconut oil with...
  6. Siikibam

    Cleaning boar bits

    One of my boys has funk up his bum and a dirty grease gland. I’m sure it’s there but are there instructions for cleaning the bum hole? A video would be good as well... And if I use coconut oil on the grease gland, do I have to wash it off with shampoo or just water? TIA
  7. Muffin&Crumble

    Boar Neuter - Sherbet's Story

    Hi everyone, I'm just doing this post as a bit of therapy for myself, so apologies for going on and probably boring you all! We rescued Sherbet in June this year after our little girl's sister died - we thought she would get on better with a boy rather than another girl. After a little while...
  8. Chloe.123

    Sawdust Getting Stuck...

    I'm having issues with one of my boars getting sawdust stuck in his bits... it's usually stray bits of hay but yesterday there was LOADS of sawdust stuck. I'm not enjoying pulling it out and I can tell he isn't either! Does anyone else have this issue and what can I do? :help:
  9. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Boy Bits?

    Sorry if this is a silly question! So quite often when I pick Iggy up he leaks a drop of white liquid or from his willy. Especially when being examined. With his many problems I just figured it was due to swelling or something initially. Is it a boy thing? I'm quite new to boy bits so I'm...