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boar dating

  1. Cryptillian

    How long should I wait after stone surgery before going boat dating?

    Hey all, decided I’d make a separate post for this question. My senior boar who is estimated to have just turned 7 (unfortunately he’s a rescue and we don’t know his true age, but I’ve had him for 3 years) is my last pig. I unfortunately lost one to pneumonia (8 years) and another to colon...
  2. K

    Finding a new friend for my bereaved pig

    Hi all, Hoping I can get some advice as to how to help our pig, Albert. He lived with his brother all his life (he is 4) until he sadly and suddenly passed away two weeks ago. Albert does seem sad and a bit lethargic following the passing of his brother, so we are exploring the idea of...
  3. denverguineas

    How long to wait after separation to begin boar dating?

    My two lovely boars recently had a falling out, and after a couple days of trial separation I have decided to separate them permanently. The underboar has perked up noticeably and the more dominant boar has been doing zoomies all day enjoying his uninterrupted cage space. The underboar seems...