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boar fighting

  1. MeganSambrook

    Boars Fighting

    I’ve previously posted about Bobby being poorly and therefore irritable with his cage mate Beans. We separated them when Bobby went for him, which I now realise was a mistake. They were just two weeks into their bonding and up until that point it had gone so well. We did put Bobby’s behaviour...
  2. Jeslubur

    Introducing a female guineapig

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a bit of advice as we’ve had a situation with our boar pigs which has resulted in us having to separate one of them. We had three boars together and over the past month or so they’ve fallen out. I’ve deduced that they started to get territorial as they have reached...
  3. catcrunchies

    Collapsed Boar Bonds

    One of our boar pairs had a horrible fall out about a week ago - bloody bites and the whole nine yards. We split them up immediately and decided to chance introductions with two of our other boars, both of whom are more submissive and generally calmer than the two who fought.What ended up...
  4. F

    Fighting Boars: What To Do Next?

    Hello A little background on the situation first: Early this year we lost one of our older boars leaving another by himself. He seemed very unhappy alone so I spoke to a local rescue I have used before and we agreed that the best option was a baby boar to keep him company. As the remaining boar...
  5. Lizzie24

    Fallen Out Boars

    Hi I am after some advice. I have 2 boars brothers 17months old. Had them since they were babies and they have got along well until the last couple of months where they have started fighting :( They have always shown quite a bit of dominance behaviour but recently had 2 bad fights where they...
  6. RJade


    just wondered if anyone had any successful experiences of rebonding a pair of boars that previously lived together, but since been separated due to aggression? Anyone had their pair living in harmony again?
  7. A

    Fighting And Jumping Out Of Cage! Help!

    Hello all, I was a new guinea pig owner in Feb when we got Petey and S'mores. They're now about 4 months old. They're both males and have always lived together. They've always gotten along perfectly and had such a great bond. After having moved their cage and made it bigger we decided to get...
  8. Emily Beth

    Dominance Fighting?

    The other day I noticed my boys were being rather aggressive towards each other. The less dominant one since I have had them was jumping on the dominants one back and seemed to be doing something that looked like humping. After this it got worst and the dominant one was throwing the other off...