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boar hygiene

  1. Liquoricefudge

    Lump/cut On Male Guineapig

    Hello everyone, We recently adopted two new boys and have noticed that one of them has developed a lump/cut on his testicles/anal sac area. Other than this we haven't noticed any other problems, as he is still eating, drinking, pooping and running around just fine. Is it normal for them to...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Boar Cleaning- Help.

    Hi again- I seem to ask a lot of questions! So I have a boar Mo- my first boar,and he seems fine (though some of you know about the sneezes- thx for your help!). I do wash his grease gland quite regularly as his is very active. His fur is shiny and he tends to clean himself most of the time...
  3. bumbling-bambi

    Smelly Cage = Grumpy Boars?

    So just as a quick disclaimer i am aware that boars can be grouchy and that dominance plays a big part in this! I know who is the dominant pig and who is the submissive but i was just wondering if anyone else finds this! Also i apologise in advance for the novel i am about to write! So my boys...
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Is It Boar Glue?

    (Hopefully the picture will show) Just wondering what boar glue actually looks like on fleece- weird thing I know but my boar Mo is on fleece and where he wees or sits he sometimes leaves white spots. Now in the picture (if it works ) the fleece has been washed but the white bits still remain...
  5. kitkat1

    Question About Boar Hygiene

    So I have a couple questions about boar hygiene- is there anything else I can use to clean the anal sac besides mineral oil? And can I clean the grease gland with any other type of oil besides coconut? Thanks!:)